Don't Forget The Gift

This past Sunday I was sitting in the pews (okay actually chairs).  After the service, in which the pastor had spoken about what heaven may be like and what jobs we may each have when we get there, I fielded a question from an old friend I have known since my college days at OSU.  He asked me, "Do you think we will have to exercise when we are in heaven?"  The tone of voice that my friend used had a bit of a snide edge to it.  In the past, this friend has at times questioned me indirectly on the amount of time that I spend swimming, biking and running, plus the many other activities that I do.  Now, you need to understand that this friend of mine went into cardiac arrest nearly 20 years ago and has had to "exercise" (mostly walk), under instruction from his doctors ever since.  My response to his question was that I don't really know.  But, after thinking about his question more, I sure hope so.  Being able to move my body through swimming, biking and running has literally saved my life; I rarely see it as a chore.  Sure, there are days when it is tough to get out the door.  But once I do, a smile usually starts to grow across my face.  I don't really see myself as someone who "exercises" or even "works-out."  Why?  Because I get to go outside and run though the woods on beautiful trails, ride my bike as fast as I dare and sometimes faster, and swim in some beautiful water and fantastic pools.  I get to see how amazingly the human body can move, how fast it can go, how unique we as humans are in our abilities to learn complex movement patterns.  When I think of all the other ways our magnificent bodies can move through our world I am almost certain that we will get the opportunity to continue to do so when we leave this world.  So to my friend, yes I think we will get to exercise in heaven.