Jonathan Booth

Owner/Head Coach, 

B.Sc., USAT Certified, CSCS, Training Peaks Level 2 Coach, Certified Bike fitter

Jon grew up in beautiful Central Oregon trying his best to keep up with his older brother at all the endurance events that he competed in.  Eventually he found himself competing at the ITU World Cup in Maui as a junior.  That experience at a larger venue cemented in him a love for the sport that would largely lay dormant for years.  That is until the need for a career change from the high stress and sleepless nights of the fire service led him to start his own business.  Having coached athletes from first timers to Ironman finishers, Jon has built Pure Endurance from a single endurance athlete to a team of supportive athletes who compete in in a variety of events and disciplines.  Coach Jon has now regained the racing bug himself, and partly just to keep up with his ever faster athletes is making a return to the sport himself.  Looking at several 70.3 distances races in the next few seasons.

Kristen 1.jpg

Kristen Lipscomb PhD.

IRONMAN University Certified Coach

RRCA Certified Running Coach

Kristen grew up in Rochester, NY playing sports (soccer and ultimate frisbee) through high school and college, but also suffered two ACL tears and a shoulder labrum tear, all requiring surgery. Although she was determined to not let these prior injuries stop her, she was skeptical about how her body would hold up to the demands of endurance sports events. Ultimately sustaining and treating these injuries led Kristen to pursue a PhD in biomedical engineering to better understand human movement and biomechanics.

While Kristen was in graduate school, she began to run to augment weightlifting at the gym. She was always worried about how her knees would fare with pounding the pavement, but was amazed with how well they handled the stress with gradual progression into distance running. In 2010, Kristen completed her first running race, a 5k, and was immediately hooked by the atmosphere. She progressed to running half and full marathons (including qualifying for the Boston Marathon), then triathlon and completed her first Ironman in 2017.

As a full-time working professional, Kristen understands the need to help athletes balance the demands of work, family and life with their athletic training and goals. She loves helping people challenge themselves by setting goals and finding their edges, but doing so within the context of other life commitments. She wants her athletes to get true joy out of the process and realize they are capable of so much when they are consistent and committed to a goal. 

Kristen works as a biomedical engineer, focusing in injury biomechanics for the legal consulting industry. She enjoys spending time outside with her husband, Ryan, who is also an endurance and multisport athlete,  her son, Trevor, and dog, Dakota.