Holding Down The Fort

I am so glad that my wife does not have to travel too often for work, not sure how single parents hold things together, but they have my utmost respect. I have been reading Coach Matt Dixon's latest book "Fast Track Triathlete"  contained in the pages, coach Dixon further explains how his philosophy of coaching looks a bit different than some others out there.  I appreciate his coaching philosophies, especially on weeks where I have a full schedule and no back-up on the home front.  You see, coach Dixon encourages his athletes to understand a few things when it comes to their training schedule.  For starters, he makes sure to educate athletes on what key sessions there are during the week and which ones are supporting sessions.  Breaking this down further he makes sure that athletes understand the intent of the session and gives them the authority and education to modify sessions when "life happens"  It's probably just coincidence but it is a good thing I was reading this book this week while my partner in crime was in Texas.  Let's just say that "life happened" several times and I had to modify a few key sessions and drop a few supporting sessions.  Ideal? nope?  But the sessions I did get in were great quality, focused and I was present in the moment.  More importantly, I was able to manage the rest of life in a way that did not leave me frazzled and short tempered around my kids.  I call that a big win.  If I start with the dream of a perfect training week, then I will likely become very discouraged with myself when "life happens" and would not have found anything positive in my training sessions and life this past week.  In reality there were many positives in training this week and that is what I intend to focus on.  By keeping my focus on the positive it keeps my salivating and motivated for more the next week.

Quote from Matt Dixon

"For any given workout, you need to have presence, understanding the purpose of the workout, have your resources available, and make a habit of executing the intentions of that workout"

I am looking forward to meeting and learning directly from Coach Matt Dixon this weekend at the Pacific Northwest USAT conference in Boise. 

Link below to Coach Matt Dixon's new book