Feb. 2016 top of Haleakala
Dreaming of warmer days!

Winter in the Willamette Valley is incredibly difficult for me.  I am fully aware that other parts of the country have much more extreme weather than the little valley I live in.  But for me personally, the near constant gray sky, rain and sometimes weeks-on-end of inversion that blankets the valley in thick fog with unchanging temperatures in the mid-thirties wears on me.  I struggle with seasonal depression on a near daily basis for about 6 months out of the year.  

I am not a huge fan of the posts you see that read something like "Top Ten Things You Can Do to Combat the Winter Blues."  Tried them, again and again, with no significant relief from the sinking, lonely feeling of depression.   Instead I am going to write about the one thing that for me that has made the biggest difference for me: CONSISTENCY!  Consistency to get physical activity (almost) every day.

I have never had a word of the year, but I may have just found my word for 2017.

Maybe it is part my nature to jump from one thing to another (for example, my habit of getting a different car every two years).  However, if I look at areas of my life where I am not content with the results, the culprit is often a lack of consistency.  

I want to encourage those of you reading this post, which was written on a 35 degree rainy morning, to think back to warmer days this past summer.  Think about events you participated in and how you felt about your results.  Were you pleased with the results or were you left a bit disappointed?  For athletes who compete in the warmer months, so much of your success relies on your consistency during the months of the year when the mercury drops and the skies stay gray for weeks on end.

Easy?  No!  However passion for your goals grows as your discipline and consistency improves (see blog post on Discipline and Passion).  Setting yourself up for success in the 2017 racing season starts now!